General Terms Of Business

Who are we: presented by IWG-IT
Speltstraat 29,
3650 Dilsen-Stokkem BE

– All deliveries are being made based on our terms and conditions.

– Purchase, Payment & Shipping:
1. Our invoices can be paid via bank transfer, credit card, IDeal Or Bankcontact.
When purchasing on the account, the amount invoiced should be transferred to the account of our external partners by the calendar day indicated on the bill (20 calendar days after the billing date). Purchase on Account does not apply to all offers and requires a successful credit check performed by Stripe. Concluding the credit check of an order, if the customer is approved to purchase on the account, then the payment will be processed in cooperation with Stripe, to whom we transmit our claim of payment. In this situation, the customer can only make payments, with the effect of reducing debt, to Stripe. With payment on the account via Stripe, we remain responsible for general customer enquiries (e. g for goods, delivery time, and dispatch), returns, complaints, withdrawal statements and withdrawal submissions or crediting.

– All prices in our pricelists are without obligation, and are ment ex warehouse Belgium in Euro (Kleine onderneming onderworpen aan de vrijstellingsregeling van belasting. Btw niet toepasselijk) . If CRAIL notices after receiving your order, that an error has happened in the products description, availability or price, we will inform you about this error. You can then decide, based on the changed conditions, about continuation of the order. Otherwhise CRAIL is allowed to cancel your order. For products offered with a price of „0,00“ the final price has not been set yet and will be given later.
– An order can be considered as accepted by CRAIL if you get a confirmation in writing, or by sending you the products.- We will try our best to keep as close as possible to the delivery times being given, and are entirely based on the information we receive by the manufacturers. No compensation can be given because of extended delivery times. Part deliveries might happen.- Sudden saleouts of products at our warehouses might happen.- All invoices are to be paid prior to shipping. Shipping is being done at cost for the buyer. For shipping costs to destinations outside Belgium please refer to the shipping costs table given in the Onlineshop.

– Ownership:

1. Ownership of all products remains with us until all depths are being paid for in full.
2. when purchasing on account via Stripe:
(1) For consumers, we reserve the ownership of underlying purchased item until the bill is fully paid. If you are an entrepreneur in the midst of trade or self-employed, a legal individual under public law or public sector fund, we retain the ownership of the purchased item until all outstanding claims from the business transactions with you have been settled. The relevant security rights can be transferred to third parties.
(2) A right of compensation is available for you, if your counterclaims are legally established, recognized or accepted by us. You also have a right of retention only if and when your counterclaim is based on the same contract.
(3) If the customer has any remaining default payments due to us, all existing receivables are due immediately.– Warranty:
new items: Warranty is based on statutory warranty rights.
used items: Irrespective of the following regulations for shortening the period of liability for the use of used goods, the limitation of claims for damages in the case of injury to life, body, or health which is based on intentional or negligent breach of duty on our part or on deliberate or negligent breach of duty by our legal representative or vicarious agents, remains untouched. Furthermore, irrespective of the following regulations to reduce the period of liability for the defect in the case of used goods, the limitation of claims for damages in the case of other damages which are caused by an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty on our part or a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of duty by our legal representative or vicarious agents remains untouched. It also does not affect any liability under the Product Liability Act.
Used items have a liability for defects of one year if the customer is  consumer. Liability for defects is excluded if the customer is a business. In addition all statutory warranty rights are valid.-Any faults must be declared immediately to make sure for fast handling. Additional claims, regardless for whatever legal reason, including unauthorized handling, missuse and especially resulting further damages, won´t be accepted.- For information on your right of revocation please refer to the information provided on the webpages of our Onlineshop.

– Place of fullfillment is Bilzen Belgium. Place for legal issues is Bilzen Belgium. In addition all legal regulations apply, also in respect of giving customers basic and additional rights.- All agreements to changes in the given terms need to be confirmed in writing.
– Privacy laws:
For information on privacy laws please refer to the information provided on the webpages of our Onlineshop.
– customer information on storage of order information:
You can check all information by using your account within 60 days after purchase.
– If any of the terms of these conditions are or get unvalid, validation of all other terms won´t be affected.

– Please note that our products are scale models for adult collectors, and not suitable for children under the age of 14.